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The first time I read this story, it was a beautiful piece written by [personal profile] romantical about a funny, sweet little boy and his single dad who was juggling work, parenthood and the dating world. And it was Pete, so it was funny and flaily and so very, very sincere. And also Gabe, who multiplies all feels, sounds and colors by about a thousand.

The first time I heard this story, listening to the wonderful podfic by [personal profile] dapatty, it was a new story; there were crushes and flirting and a gorgeous build-up to a relationship (involving a dad who tries his very, very best, despite the way life seems to happen.)

I think that's the importance, the power, of transformative works: the words may be the same, but the emphasis from another person - the actual act of listening to the words rather than reading them - can help us feel the heart of a story or can help us understand the characters in a light that we had never seen them before. It proves that two talented people can do the same thing and have it be brand new both times.

And the art. I love cover art that can convey the important parts of the story, that can give you a little taste of the story without giving anything away; that is what I offer you today. I hope you enjoy it ♥
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