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Funny that, after 2 years of a trade school that I was promised would make life easier, I am now $20k in debt thanks to my student loans. Funny that, after the hours and hours of working a minimum wage job with tips, at the end of the week I barely make enough to get my bills paid. Funny that, as of today, unless there's a last-minute something-or-other, I now will have my interest rate DOUBLED on said loans. Which means, on top of my ten-year payback plan that already is sucking me dry, I will now have a higher interest rate that will just continue to stack up until I am entirely debt-free.

Uphill battle, every day of my life.

There are days that I regret the whole thing, days that I wish I would have just stuck with telemarketing and maybe moved up the ladder instead. But then, I have a beautiful day at work and remember that there are reasons that I'm doing what I do (and those reasons are love, passion and an uncontrollable urge to create) and that in 15 years, none of the money issues I have now will even be relevant.

Note to self: if all else fails, sugar daddy.

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